October - 10/01/2011 TO 10/31/2011
For all of the areas you can reach here (except for the main blog) the new schedule format will hopefully go this way - unless material is not available from the author. Each blog site features a different author each month!

Week 1 - Authors tell us how the events in their lives encouraged them to be writers!

Week 2 - Authors answer some fun questions about their lives - geared toward different aspects of each month!

Week 3 - Authors answer questions about their writing and the process

Week 4 - Authors present a blurb and excerpt of whatever book(s) they are promoting that month!

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That's not to say that some of the material we promote
won't have some profanity or nudity in them -
and we'll tell you if we know 
- but our goal is to present material
for our readers teen to adult to enjoy.

We hope you like our efforts!