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Week 1 - Authors tell us how the events in their lives encouraged them to be writers!

Week 2 - Authors answer some fun questions about their lives - geared toward different aspects of each month!

Week 3 - Authors answer questions about their writing and the process

Week 4 - Authors present a blurb and excerpt of whatever book(s) they are promoting that month!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Featured Author Spots

Please forgive the mess you might find, as I'm in the process of designing new looks for each of the different non-romance blogs - one that make more sense with the genres they cover.

Also, I do my best to keep up with posting author info on a regular basis, however, life happens (headaches, fatigue, characters driving me crazy) and I do tend to get sidetracked (watching anime, reading books, writing)! I apologize for this, but I'm working on trying to get things scheduled a bit farther ahead. The only problem is, I tend to forget how far ahead I've scheduled blogs, and so, there may be some lapses as I work to find a schedule that I can fit everything into.

Please do not let this discourage you from visiting our site!
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Thank you!